Democratic China

China is a country politically and economically influencing the world. But how could its dictatorship one party system can still survive. Should we hope to have a Democratic China , which would give a long term stability and peace to Chinese people and the rest of the world.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Remember that Bloody Sunday in Beijing

On June 4, 1989, Chinese government ordered a bloody crakedown on a massive and unarmed demonstration in Beijing, China. The demonstration was one of many against the corruption in that Communist system and for more democracy in China. Up to now , there are no exact numbers of victims reported officially. It is not clear who ordered the killings on Bloody Sunday within the Chinese authority, ( not the house arrested ZHAO ZHI YANG for sure) .

In China , the authority pretends to forget this "incident", actually to prevent the truth of what happened that day from coming out. What we can do outside the iron curtained China is to remember and remind the world what day is today.

We need to set up an independent 'inquiry' to collect all the evidence to the contrary declared by the authority , army and peaceful citizens. A simple truth , instead of "Liar, Liar and Liar" is the best to remember those who lost their lives 17 years ago, including innocent soldiers.

The conclusion is already made by every one with his/her judgment. But more internet revelations of photographic evidence, evidence of eyewitnesses, medical evidence and army messages on that day would be helpful to the future historical inquiry. That will be part of history.

I think this is the least we can do for an ordinary day in an ordinary country.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A tale of Two Hu Jintao

Chinese Party secretary general Hu jintao is visiting the White House. I remember everyone applying for US entry permit needs to answer whether he/she is a communist member. The US homeland security people could refuse these people entry into US. How could Hu Jintao visit US easily? He is " the president of China", a state visit.

Recently I read famous novel " A tale of two cities". It is a interesting novel by Charles Dickens.
His words could also be described as current China " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way . . ."

How are we look at China, from which aspect? That is the current situation faced by Hu Jintao, handpicked as the fourth generational leader. Hu has double job titles: Chinese Communist Party Chairman and Chinese President, He has also two set of values : a communist dictator without any promise to open up freedom for ordinary Chinese people. He ordered tibet military crack down in 1989. He ordered to block internet free access. and many more.

But these four days' visit, he has a role play to show the world as Chinese president , he cares the people. Behind Hu's smiling face lies a new strategy of wooing the American people and the business community. Unfortunately He is a poor actor. He can only read preprinted statement in which he used empty word to mention peace, human right improvement and trade. Even these statement has not been live broadcast to Chinese people in China.

When Hu is in China, he spends his time and effort to poor area, and eating with poor farmers in rural countryside. Here Hu is proud to have a diner with the richest man on earth, claiming they are friends. All of these visits are only" free political shows" to different audiences.

From the very title of A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens signals that this is a novel about duality.
Everything occasionally related together. When we look at Hu jintao, we need to watch he does and what he has done for Chinese people. We can not judge him by watching his role play in one or other plot.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

How long could this Communist China survive?

I run into my friend's Chinese Version Blog: at , Mr Wan Run Nan posts a challenging question by asking how this regime survived so long. I guess this question puzzled most us for long time. After 1989 Tiananmen cracking down, the regime showed the world its brutal nature and cruelty. Now Mr. HU and his ruling party have learned the lesson. They do not mention any thing " Communist" instead of telling " three representaion" or " eight glory/shamful things". They allow ordianry people to earn more money in so called " economic reform" ( maybe we could discuss this one seperately); meanwhile ruling corrupted group stealling national treasure at much high speed and with huge amount. The regime is readily to supress any organized protests or opposition. I think that is the obvious reason for FLG case, ( Unfortunately, I do not believe FLG and no time to study it now).
My understanding for the international community, we need to pinpoint the issue and promote a long term stable and sustainable developping Democratic China. But we see that most outside Politician and Business people eager to go to China and have lunch with Mr. HU, hoping millions dollar of contract into their pocket. Sad reality.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

US president's state of union address on democracy

Today US president G.W.Bush's state of union address has clearly expressed the concerns of international trend toward Democracy. " Dictatorships shelter terrorists, and feed resentment and radicalism, and seek weapons of mass destruction. Democracies replace resentment with hope, respect the rights of their citizens and their neighbors, and join the fight against terror."
He did not mention any thing about China. Is China in his 122 list of Democratic countries now? I do not know. This address is layout policies for the future of American in terms of their international and domestic issues. The mojor thing is terrorist and war in middle east.
I understand that China is something special. Chinese is joining the forces against terror outside of China, meanwhile Chinese authority does not respect the rights of our dear chinese people. Maybe we need the the third classification between Dictatorship and Democracy.
Let us hope that China is moving from Dictatorship ( Mao era) toward Democracy in long term future. I wish it could be Chinese New Dog Year's resolution. Unfortunately I can not see Mr. HU is moving this direction. No freedom of expression for Chinese this year, newspaper is shutting down, google needs to restrain, farmers could not protest for their loved land, even no Oscar nominated best movies: " Brokenback Mountain and Memoir of a Geisha" .

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hu can talk with Whom?

US President George W. Bush has told public that his personal relations with Hu Jiantao are warm and to be able to hold private talk .
It is good for US president to have such a confidence and feelings.
Unfortunately, ordinary Chinese people can not have this feeling toward Mr. Hu Jingtao. What we listern to Mr. Hu, who is always reading his pre-printed speaks. We never see Hu's true feelings. Mr. Hu jintao is merely an actor in communist showcase. Hu could smile to foreigners and taiwanese. But we could see his orders to shut down Newspapers , who pushes "Freedom of Press". Hu could never smile to Dalai Lama or Hongkong democratic legistatives, although he consider those are his citizens. I do not think he could hold private talks with his political bureau members, those people are not really sure his supporters or opponents, because China is not soppose to have different views offically within the Party.
What a life Hu has? His feelings is always hiden behind curtains. Just like China, all foreigners see the showdown of "good things", if they go further to countryside and live there longer with Chinese salarie and little medical coverage, they then could understand better China, a big difference between poor ordinary Chinese and rich ones tied with corrupted Chinese communist elite power group.
Hu is always showing outside a smiling face, nice.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Special Political show case of Chinese Community

Special Political Show Case for Chinese community
Taiwan's opposition Nationalist Party won a majority of local election, a barometer for the 2008 presidential campaign. It supports the President Bush s remark on Chinese democracy. China has to grant more political freedom to its 1.3 billion people and hold up rival Taiwan as an example of a Chinese society that has successfully moved from repression to democracy.
In remarks made on his China trip, Bush said, "Modern Taiwan is free and democratic and prosperous. By embracing freedom at all levels, Taiwan has delivered prosperity to its people and created a free and democratic Chinese society."
President Bush’s remark is not welcomed by Chinese authority, even many Chinese people, It is no doubt that Taiwan has its own problems since it began to allow more freedom. One typical show case is that fighting often occurred in their congress. Taiwan has also serious corruptions and power abuse.
But this election demonstrates that what general election can do. This is a strong message to the government that people are not satisfied with Chen Shui bian’s presidency. DPP’s corruption charges are as serious as old KMT’s cases too. Typical ones related to the hiring of Thai workers for the construction of a Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. subway causes falling of confidence of Taiwan people with DPP. When government restricts economic development, especially the Taiwan Strait trading, Taiwanese business community has no choice of quitting the island and moving to the mainland China. At the same time they could vote to express their discontents.

Imaging these typical political show‘s impact on the mainland China, we could see the Democracy is working in Chinese community. In China, communist authority could control and suppress temporarily the discontents of its people by using machine gun and tanks, but they can not really put off their desires for freedom. One day, if general election is held in China, Communist leaders, as Hu or whoever, will see people’s no confident vote as Chen Shui bien did yesterday.

Unfortunately, China has no Democracy because Chinese leaders thinks their 1.3 billion citizens are not qualified to independently express their opinion over Communist’ 50 years governance. People will remember these: Coal mine explosion, poisoned water in major city and big corruption cases within Communist party top leaders.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A strong China for World peace

A recent Chinese Communist party secretary Hu's visits to Viet Nam and North Korea shows he cares about regional political issues. According to China Daily " Hu's visits sent a clear message that Beijing is committed to regional peace, stability and prosperity."

Hu shows a 'long term traditional friendship" with his communist little brothers. In realty China has sent troops to both these countries for different wars. Many Chinese sacrified in 1950's for North Korea. What is happening now. Maybe it is not worthwhile for us. North Korean people suffered more than Chinese people. Even now they still live under strong dictatorship. Hu should tell them to open up the country instead of talking "friendship". In 1970' Sino-Viet Nan war was even worse for their leaders' personal ideological diffrences toward" communist". If three countries abandoned the communist system , it would be long term regional peace for us.

Hu talked about his experience for "stability" by developing economy only. This is only a short term stability to cover up or delay the political changes at the expense of Chinese human right. Now a even corrupted system with deep difference between poor and rich in China can not have a sustainable growth and long term stability. North Korea's communist regim has nothing open to the world. No one from outside can tell how stable the country is. wher are the foundation to build up long term stability there.

Only thing is businss for prosperity left. " Hu offered specific proposals for the development of trade and political relations with Viet Nam and the DPRK, and signed deals on bilateral economic-technical co-operation with the two countries." Hu is making a deal with North Korea to push him returning to 6 Party round table talk. and get a gift ready for President Bush's China vist, hoping big business with US market. (The importance attached here)
With Viet Nan, this is oil that interests HU. China's biggest offshore oil and gas producer, China National Offshore Oil Corp, signed an agreement with a Vietnamese oil firm to jointly explore oil and gas in the Beibu Bay. "The deal - clinched on the principle of "putting aside disputes and jointly developing resources" - has been hailed as a good example of solving cross-border disputes in the South China Sea area. "

As long as they make no efforts to open up their political reform and improve their concerns for their own people's rights, there would never be a long term stability.